Hey guys! 
What comes to mind when you hear the word vintage? Well, for me I think of bold prints, scarfs, flares, billowed sleeves, buttons and high waists.
Now, if you're an oldie on the blog, then you probably know just how much I love vintage pieces.

So why vintage? Well its cost effective, especially for a lady like me on a budget. Not to mention the uniqueness of the pieces, don't you just hate being caught wearing the same outfit as someone else? And finally with vintage, you can stay on trend without breaking the bank. So there, have I convinced you yet?

Photography by Victoria

So I thought it would be great to collaborate with Desola of Deemako, she has an eye for vintage as is evident in her vintage store. Not to mention, Desola just has a way with vintage items that just makes sense, don't you agree? 

Now for my outfit, I decided to break out of my monochrome theme of late and do a bit of colour blocking with red and yellow. I reached for my must have vintage piece, a pair of highwaisted trousers (styled here) and then added a scarf to spice up everything. Don't you just love how the scarf compliments the colour theme of this look? I aslo love that  Desola and I incorporated scarfs into our looks. 

Just a quick tip, scarfs not only help on bad hair days but are also great for adding a little something extra to a look. You can check out this inspiration post for more tips on styling a scarf. 

Trouser, Scarf, Top: Vintage ||Shoes: Forever 21 || Bag: Street Market 

Would you rock this look? Also, what's you take on vintage? 

Be sure to check out Desola's outfit details and tips on her blog (here)

If your a blogger or brand that would like to collaborate, then shoot me an email at One of my goals this year is to do more collaborations



Hey guys, this is just a quick motivational piece to get you started this week . I can't stress the importance of being thankful for what you have.

If only I had more money to shop
If only I lived in a bigger house and had my own car
If only I had legs as thin as a model's
If only I could eat lots of food and not gain weight
If only I didn't have to study for my exams
If only I could sleep instead of going to work
If only my parents were not so strict

So many If onlys but:

What if you had no money?
What if you had no home?
What if you had no legs?
What if you had no food to eat?
What if you had no opportunity to school?
What if you had no job?
What if you had no parents?

What would life be like then?
Stop wishing and be thankful for what you have
Because some people wish they were in your place

Outfit details will be up on Wednesday



Remember when you were in grade school and everyone was your friend? Simply playing with someone or even sharing a treat, instantly made that person a best friend? Some of us even had up to three or four best friends. Well, in real life this same principle does not apply. Kindergarten was great and all but we must grow up because "who you accompany determines what accompanies you".

My selectiveness the people I associate with tends to come off as me being uptight and snobbish but that's okay. Whether you believe it or not the people you call friends have the power to influence you subconsciously or unconsciously and positively or negatively. I once had a friend who cussed incessantly and as expected this started to reflect in my language. Of course I cut ties when I noticed this but this is just a simpler, milder example.

A lot of us young people have been lead into bad choice because of peer pressure and unwise advice. It's easy to say oh, I can’t easily be influenced but it's better to be safe than sorry. Besides life is already hard on its own. So any friendship that is not impacting your life, should be put to an end. I mean why stress yourself?

Please be mindful of the friendships, relationships and partnerships you enter. 
"Who you hang around determines what hangs around you, association brings assimilation" 
(Dr Paul Enenche)

What are your thoughts on this?

I’ve talked about this topic here, so check it out!



Photography by Victoria

Hey beautiful people. Happy new month! It's been ages, I know. I'm still trying to get the hang of this new schedule. Though I hope to get back to posting more consistently soon.

For today's outfit, I thought I'd show a more corporate and classier way of rocking the sheer trend. If you refer to this post I mentioned my annoyance over this trend due to the level of nudity seen. But you know there is always a classy way to be trendy. Yes nudity does not have to be the new normal.

In styling this mesh shirt, I paired it with my trusty beige skirt (styled here, here). I've been loving the oversized look lately but it's all about balance. Which is why I opted for a pencil skirt. 

While this is an ideal corporate look, I work at a radio station, so it's jeans and flats all day. By the way if you in live in Calabar, tune in to Hit 95.9 FM

Skirt: H&M || Shirt: Vintage || Shoes: Bershka 
Where would you rock this too?

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