Sunset at Marina Resort, Calabar

Life can be so fickle and meaningless at times. I mean you're there one moment, then gone the next, but what defines you when you're gone? And does it really matter what legacy you leave behind?

This year alone, I can't begin to count the number of celebrities or influential people that have passed, the most recent ones being Prince and Papa Wemba. But if there is one thing to note about all their deaths is that people only remembered them when they were gone. No body really cared to give them tributes or play their music when they were still living.

So what am I trying to say? Well, while it is important to live an impactful life, it's more important to live a life that makes you happy. Because the truth is people only care when you are relevant. Think of those singers, the world didn't shout or talk while they were still here on the planet.

Stop worrying about, what other people would say, and make descions and choices that make you happy. Because at the end of the day, they only remember you when you're gone.



Photography by me 

Hey beautiful people, how are we all doing. Can you believe we're already in the last week of the Month of April, how time flies, how time flies.

So I've been thinking about life and how it is important to always go the extra mile. If you think of the greatest success stories, you'll see that, these people always went an extra step further. Look at Joseph of the bible, he not only interpreted pharaoh's dream, but also gave a solution (Genesis 41). Sometimes we get comfortable in mediocrity or satisfactory but that doesn't achieve anything spectacular, now wouldn't you agree?

So I've never really been much of a girly girl, I've always preferred pants over skirts and less played out looks but as I get older, I feel like I'm evolving.

I don't know about you but something about lace and peplum just screams femininity. In styling the top, I decided to go for an all white look and then added a pop of pink.  

Trousers: H&M || Shoes: Bershka || Top: Streets of Calabar || Purse: Thailand

 Where would you rock this look to? 



Photography be Me

Hey Beautiful people, how are you all doing. Long time no outfit post!
So sorry for the inconsistency, I'm constantly faced with the fact that plans don't always go as we expect them too and it sucks but this is something I'm learning to get used to.

When I started typing this post I had so much to say but now I'm blank. So this is will just be a quick outfit  post, I have previously styled my grey high-waist trousers here and here. Today I decided to pair it with a khaki sweater and opted for nude pumps and nerd glasses to give the look an edge. This would be ideal for perhaps the corporate world, though I have rocked this look with flats to the station.

How would you style this look differently?
For more tips on how to style high-waist trousers, read my guide here.

Trousers: Vintage|| Sweater: Random Calabar Store || Shoes: Forever 21 || Glasses: Here


Hey beautiful people! So the other day I was on pinterest looking into all the amazing ways to mix prints. I love print and one great way to stand out is to mix them. I mean nothing spectacular really happens in comfort zones

Today, I'll be dishing four simple tips that'll guide you on how to mix prints.
Pictures are from Pinterest , click the text below for the links 

1. Stripes 
I'llipes are your best bet, they are the easiest print to mix and they pretty much  match with every other print. So if you're unsure then stick to stripes.

2. Monochrome 

Go with a monochrome theme. When mixing prints in the same colour tone you can't go wrong especially when mixing black and white 


3. Matching prints 

 You can always mix the same prints but then go with different colours to create a colour blocked look like Solange below or picture this, a pink polkadot top tucked into a blue polkadot skirt. 


4. Common factor 

Finally when mixing prints in different patterns and colour combinations, make sure that there is a common colour in the two pieces. In my outfit the common colour was blue and black, see how that works?


Hope this helped, what guides you when rocking print on prints?
I'll see you all next time, with an ootd post! 
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