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When I jumped into the whole fashion bandwagon, I had quite a difficult time deciding which items to purchase as I tended to buy any and everything and this resulted in me having tons of clothes that I didn't wear and constantly being faced with the "So many clothes yet nothing to wear predicament".

Now if you are going through this dilemma then this post is for you.
 I will be dishing tips on things to consider before building your closet or shopping. It's all about making the most of your wardrobe, looking fashionable while still being budget friendly.

1. Define your style

Until you define you style, you will always be faced with too many clothes and nothing to wear. When you know what your style is, you know what to purchase rather than buying everything you like. Now if you are still figuring out your style, no worries just invest in the 17 wardrobe basics I listed in this post. Also  take note of what items you find yourself comfortable in and also what type of clothing items or accessories that you are drawn to. If you're still in doubt, look to fashion icons or bloggers to get inspiration.

2. Know your body

The truth is that what person A rocked and killed, may actually not look great person B. So learn what works for you in order to make smart shopping choices. Now If you're unsure of what will work for you, again look to fashion bloggers with similar body types as yours and observe what works for them. But at the end of the day it's all about what you are comfortable in. Stay tuned for a post on dressing for your body type.

3. Basics

A simple tip to solve the "nothing to wear predicament" is to invest in wardrobe essentials because it all starts from there. Once you have the essential pieces, you can work your way from there no matter your style or body shape. So start from the basics and then invest in signature pieces that showcase your style.

 4. Understand your lifestyle

When I started shopping , I was always investing in heels. But the truth is at that time, I was a student who commuted to school from a long distance, so that was not exactly the practical choice. If you fail to factor in your lifestyle and occupation when making choices, you will remain in this fashion predicament.  Now I'm not saying you shouldn't buy glamorous dresses or heels for when you want to go out, but rather than investing in clothes that you would wear once in a while, why not invest more in your day to day attires.

5. Location

This may not matter to some people, but if you're in my home country, Nigeria you would know that there are certain places where you can't dress a certain way too. Wearing anything too short or tight often gets you questioning stares and the wrong kind of attention from Amebo (nosy) people. So please be mindful of the people and culture in your area when you are purchasing clothes so as to avoid you being uncomfortable.

6. Budget

Of course I can't forget the most important tip. Your budget is the difference between you getting a Chanel purse or a look-alike on Justfab. Now there is no point, looking expensive when you have nothing in your bank account. Thankfully sales, promotions and discounts are perfect for this.  If you're still unsure of how to look fashionable on a budget then this post is for you

I hope you found this post quite helpful. 
What things do you consider before purchasing new items?

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Now if you are still confused about your style, dressing for your body type or how to look fashionable on a budget then send me an email at
You can ask me anything, also I am currently offering free styling services to any fashionista in need.


Black and white, Dorothy Perkins, Zara, h&m, wrap skirt, geometric print

Shades, metaics, studs, red lips

Black and white, Dorothy Perkins, Zara, h&m, wrap skirt, geometric print

Shades, metaics, studs, red lips

Black and white, Dorothy Perkins, Zara, h&m, wrap skirt
Photography by A. A 

I want you to take a moment and picture your future. Think of what life will be like once you finally reach your goal. What it would be like and how you would feel. Looks good doesn't it and probably feels even better right?

 Now what steps are you taking to achieve that goal? If you recall, in one of my recent posts, I ranted on how easier life would be if we actually saw the future before it happened. After all "if you can't picture it, how will you achieve it.

At times, I smile when I think of how I would tell my story once I reach my goal, how in the end I would say it was all worth it. I think the best way to encourage oneself is to picture our success, that's what keeps me going when things get though, I don't know about you.What keeps you going when life gets difficult? 

Now onto the outfit, for this month we opted for the monochrome theme, this is a trend I've rocked severally (see here, here and here). As I always say, when it doubt stick to black and white. Hence I just paired my geometric wrap skirt styled here with a basic black top.

I actually styled a similar outfit some time last year but I didn't like the pictures then.

Skirt: Dorothy Perkins || Top: Street Buy || Heels: Forever 21 || Necklace: H&M

Anyways which look do you prefer? Notice I was a bit chubbier in the second look.

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Several weeks ago I broke down and had a good cry afterwards. And looking back at the events leading up to that moment I guess I was stressed. It had been an emotionally trying week for me and there  I was just hanging in. On the outside everything seemed fine, heck I didn't know anything was wrong.  

Yet there I was crying profusely, confused as to the reason for the tears, angry when the tears would not stop falling and crying even harder when consoled. And I'm not even an emotional person, I can't even remember the last time I cried before this. Now what happened? Well there was a misunderstanding, an exchange of words and attitudes between a collegue and that was all it took for me to snap.

We humans like to hide behind the fact that everything is all rosy and peachy, smiling and answering "I'm fine ", when asked how we are doing. It is okay though. Why should we worry about situations beyond our control. But I want you to think, or remember how you felt in that moment when you were going through trying times, waiting for that word or sign to push you to keep on going. Well this is how some of us out there might be thinking or feeling. Appearances can be very deceiving as they say.

So what am I trying to say? I am not writing for my sake as I'm okay just
 Please, please be careful of the words you say and attitudes you exude because they have the power to make or break someone else. A lot of us might appear strong on the outside but on the inside we are going through turmoils. The Bible said it better
 "Pleasant words are as honeycomb, sweet to the soul and health to the bones". (Proverbs 16:24).  
Let us learn to be people minded when saying and doing things.

Now if this is you out there, I want you to know that you are loved, God loves you and he is always thinking about you. Hang in there, there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel and finally say to yourself that it is well because the heart believes what the mouth confesses.

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, Lace, white on white, trend, midi skirt, sheer, pumps

Lace, white on white, trend, midi skirt, sheer, pumps, lace crop top

Lace, white on white, trend, midi skirt, sheer, pumps, lace crop top

Lace, white on white, trend, midi skirt, sheer, pumps, lace crop top

Lace, white on white, trend, midi skirt, sheer, pumps, lace crop top

Lace, white on white, trend, midi skirt, sheer, pumps, lace crop top

Lace, white on white, trend, midi skirt, sheer, pumps, lace crop top

Lace, white on white, trend, midi skirt, sheer, pumps, lace crop top
Photography by A.A

Hey guys, can you believe how fast the month has gone by? How have you all been? I guess you could say I took a break for a while, I really hate what's happening with my consistency but I've got to work on it. 

The white on white trend is one way to stand out because it gives this clean and angelic look. My only issue is by the end of the day, I usually get one stain or the other, usually from makeup. 

Today, I paired my sheer midi skirt (styled here) with one of my favourite crop tops (styled here). I then added my new frames and leopard print purse to spice everything up. I've always felt a lot older than my age and I guess my frames help in channelling my older side. 

Top: Vintage || Skirt, Frames : Market Buy || Shoes: Forever 21

Now I would rock this look to church or a lunch date, you?

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 By the way guys, I was interviewed on Fernafrik, be sure to check it out. I was as honest as ever, airing my opinions about the blogging and fashion industry. Let me know what you think as well.

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