Hey Beautiful people, feels like it's been ages. How's everybody doing? How has this month been treating you? I know this particular segment is overexposed in the blog world but when you have a lot to say it definitely comes in handy. So let's hop right into it shall we. 
More plastic slippers and making sure to take my umbrella everywhere. For some reason whenever I am unprepared for the rain, it falls. Last time this happened I got drenched. Because the thing about Abuja rain is that it comes with the wind hence if you are outside a building, it is hard to hide. Plus it floods after the rain, then traffic follows and public transport either becomes more expensive or scarce. I'd rather get wet than be stranded.

Extremely grateful to God, he did it again. I had a major breakthrough earlier this week and as I type this I can't stop smiling. Looking back at how everything fell into place it’s amazing to see how God orchestrated everything. When you think God has forgotten or you're about to give up, he shows up, stuns you and adds icing on the cake. In my language we say "Ohle ya chaba (Jehovah Overdo)

About the upcoming Abuja Content creators meet up this Saturday. If you're a content creator in Abuja and would love to network, email Mimi @ramblings_of_msmimi. We'd love to meet you. Plus the last one blogged about (here) was so fun and enlightening. We talked like old friends catching up. 

My recent thrift purchases which I will be styling on the blog soon. I rarely get this lucky but this time I walked away with staple pieces that made me wonder where all these sellers had been hiding. The funny thing is I was heading to work but I thought I’d just window shop but one hour and a trip to the ATM later, I walked away with a bag full of clothes. And my mom who disapproves of my thrifting ways actually like some of the pieces, though she still disapproves. 
A work wear series to guide you on easy office outfits to put together. Hope you love it as much as I think you will.

For an affordable and long lasting primer. I previously used a primer from elf and it was amazing but I lost it along the line. Then I bought a primer by Classic which is not so great, any recommendations?

On better and more quality content for the blog. I'd really like to push further this year in my blogging journey. I will also be collaborating with various creatives as well so stay tuned. If you'd like to work with me, let’s do this!
God's favour in my life and that of my family.

You Covered Me by Timothy Reddick, Dr.R.A. Vernon and The Word Church. The song just speaks from my soul to God. He get the glory for everything.

Episodes of Blackist, NCIS LA and Jenifas Diary. I finally got my siblings to watch Jenifas Diary and they love it now especially the earlier seasons

My girl, Grace's dreams are made easier. She actually opened a Go Fund Me account (here) to further her studies at Georgetown University. Check it out and help in any way you can. And if you don’t have the money, just spread the world.

These photographers were taken by fellow blogger Mide Coker here and I featured some of them in my Sarah Speaks on 10 Tips from a College Graduate. Now this denim skirt has been styled here and here.

What have you guys been up to lately? Any major breakthroughs you want to share? How are you coping with the weather?

Let’s stay in touch guys
Body-con skirt, grey pencil midi skirt, black knitwear top, choker, buckle belt
Body-con skirt, grey pencil midi skirt, black knitwear top, choker, buckle belt

People: You've worn that before 
Me: Well yeah because it's my clothes, I bought it with money and God gave me hands to wash so yeah I'll keep wearing it over and over again.

The above statement is one of the expectations that we fashion bloggers deal with. I admit that the pressure got to me in my earlier blog days but now I'm all about recycling and restyling pieces as you may have noticed. Truthfully, as much as I love shopping, I'd like to see my savings account and smile. 

Knitwear top, black DIY choker, tote bag
Body-con skirt, grey pencil midi skirt, black knitwear top, choker, buckle belt
Knitwear top, black DIY choker, tote bag

Today's outfit which is quite basic features my sheer black knit top previously styled here and one of my favourite grey pencil skirts styled herehere, here and here. I'm honestly not a big fan of body-con skirts or fitted pieces but I've always loved the fit if this thrifted pair, especially how it cinches it my waist.

Seeing as the outfit is quite simple, I added my black buckle statement belt and DIY choker to spice the look up. I also rocked a Lyts tote bag which has a logo that I love. So yes I blog, it may be more stress then its worth at times. It may not always pay and progress may seem slow but I love what I do so yes, I blog!

Body-con skirt, grey pencil midi skirt, black knitwear top, choker, buckle belt
Knitwear top, black DIY choker, tote bag, statement buckle belt
Photography by Ruth Audu 

Skirt/Top: Thrift || Tote: LytsMag || Shoes: Zara || Choker: DIY 

Hope you all had a great weekend, what did you get up to?

How would you style this skirt differently? What are your thoughts on remixing pieces? If you're a blogger, why do you blog? 

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Our society has a way of painting certain things as undesirable and in this day and age there seems to be some sort of plaque surrounding the idea of being single, so much so that one with seemingly good prospects is prodded at or even questioned for being or choosing to stay single. And when one possesses the mentality of dating with a purpose, its worse. Dating for dating sake has become the new normal I guess. 

Although, what's wrong with being single or choosing to remain single until you meet the one worth your time? I've had friends and even known people who can't stay single, moving from one relationship to the next. Now I don't judge but I believe it is important to spend time with yourself, get to know yourself better and even develop yourself in your period of waiting. 
We all have our criteria in dating but you can't attract what you're not. You might say you want a successful Godly man with a six pac and toned legs (lol) but are you working on those dreams? What's your relationship with God like? And do you even go to the gym?

Now call me old fashioned but I feel dating should lead to something bigger like marriage. No, one doesn't have to marry immediately but that should be at the back of a persons mind, hence you date someone that you'd most likely marry. 

Now I understand that people date for different reasons and with sex (Sarah Speaks for another day) coming into the mix, it just makes things more complicated. But even without dating for the purpose of marriage, what about dating someone that would add value to you. Time is really too precious to waste hanging around someone that adds nothing positive to you.  Besides, relationship although great most times, can be stressful too. So why date for the sake of dating?

What are your thoughts on dating? What are your thoughts on dating for dating sake or dating with a purpose? 

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Hey beautiful people, wow halfway through the month, how's it been going for everyone? Today I'm back with a look book, one of my favourite blog segments after my Sarah Speaks

This look book features one of my new favourite culottes or should I call these a skort? Its a combination of shorts and a sheer waterfall detail/skirt.
Now, let's get into this shall we?

Look 1

This first look features a camel trench coat (here) that I received from Rosegal. I'm honestly really disappointed with the quality and fit as the picture showed otherwise. I guess that's one if the drawbacks with online shopping. 
 I simply belted the jacket over the culottes and tank top, you all know how I feel about a statement belt. And then I accessorized with my DIY choker and Zara single sole sandals.
Look 2
For this outfit I went for a more casual approach in my styling. This look also features my Edward Mills fringe slides, reviewed here. I was actually going to go with suggestions to either pair these slides with a body-con dress and kimono or a graphic shirt and jeans. 

But honestly on a casual day you'll most like find me in a pair of culottes and a crop top as I like my clothes loose fitted and I really don't have that many pairs of jeans. 

I accessorized with this cute red satchel bag also from Rosegal which I absolutely love and recommend. And it costs just $10! Rosegal also stocks white peasant dresses if you're interested.

You might have noticed that his polkadot crop top from the Vintage Closet 9ja is obviously one of my favourite pieces as I've styled them here,here and here.

Photography by Ruth Audu

Culottes: Thrift || Trench Coat :  Rosegal here|| Top: Vintage Closet 9ja || Bag: Rosegal here || Slides: Edward Mills Lagos || 

If you love lookbook as much as I do be sure to catch up on the most recent ones below.

What's your favorite look? How would you style these culottes differently? Would you even call these shorts culottes? 

This post is sponsored by Edward Mills and Rosegal. All opinions are mine however.

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Hey beautiful people!
 Now we all know fashion trends come and go, while some last longer than others, there are certain trends that just stay with us. The year 2017 and the end of 2016 has brought us a lot of interesting trends some of which I either love or question. Today I'll basically be looking at some of those trends from floral embroidery to mules, fishnet, pleats and the corset trend.

1. Floral Embroidery Trend
This is one trend that I'm totally on board with and rocked here. I love how embroidery spices up basic pieces. Now we have seen this trend on shirts, denim which is a rebirth of a popular 90's trend and of course in footwear like mules and sneakers. 

stripes, embroidery 2017 trend,
Floral embroidery mules, footwear, 2017 fashion trends
denim jeans, embroidered denim, high waist, 90s trend

2. Mules 
You ever see something and like it on other people but would not rock yourself? Well this is how I honestly feel about mules. There's just something about them that I've disliked since its comeback in 2014 where I wrote a list of trends that should be left behind here. Perhaps I might change my mind in the future because these Chanel pearl mules have got me thinking.

Mules foot wear, chanel, pearl
mules, low heeled, denim

3. Fishnet Trend
The fishnet socks trend is another one that makes me think hmm. There's just something a bit risque or overly sexy about it but I will agree that this trend is a great way to spice up a basic look and the two bloggers below have shown us how it's done.

Fishnet socks, pink suit, metallics
distressed denim jeans, fishnet socks

4. The Corset Trend 
I can’t say I’m a big fan of this trend as with this trend if not worn or styled properly the corset trend can make you look quite questionable. However styling a corset without looking questionable can be done and Hafsah is proof of that. Now with this trend, I will make an exception for corset belts because you all know how much I love those.

corset trend, 2017 fashion
how to style a corset top

5. Pleats
This is one trend that I'm happy to see making a comeback. The only thing that saddens me is that I sold one of my very stylish white pleated skirt which I had stopped wearing at some point but now that the style inspirations keep coming the item is no longer in my collection. Anyways, I have previously styled it here and here.

pleated metallic skirt, velvet jacket

Bell sleeve ruffle blouse, white blouse, 2017 trends

Now I was gong to include the off shoulder trend, choker trend, ruffles and the exaggerated sleeve trend but I somehow feel that on this blog I have over flogged them. But you all know how I feel about the exaggerated sleeve  or flared sleeve trend which I styled here, here and here

What are your thoughts on these trends? Hot or Hmm. What are some of your current favourite trends?

Let’s stay in touch guys
Hey beautiful people!

You know the phrase "what a man can do, a woman can do better"? Well we woman have not only taken the world by storm but we have also overtaken some men's inspired fashion trends. I'm talking from boyfriend jeans, shirts, blazers basically anything boyfriend related and more locally the Agbada trend which I talked all about here.

Today, I decided to take a little key from the men by styling this structured vintage blazer which is also giving me some utilitarian vibes, you? The blazer was a thrift find which cost me just 800 Naira ($2.50). Now if this isn't a steal then I don't know what is. 

 What I love about the blazer is the little details from the huge pearl buttons to the pockets in the front and of course the slightly loose but structured fit which also makes it seem like a boyfriend blazer, especially when unbuttoned.

In styling I went for a smart casual look with a basic white shirt and high waist pair of jeans. I wanted the attention to be on the blazer hence I kept everything basic and added a pop of red with my favourite Zara pointed heels. I actually also recently styled the blazer in a more relaxed look with one of my favourite trousers styled here and here and a pair of flats. And I will be posting this look some other time.

You guys definitely need to stay tuned because this won't be the last time this blazer is seen on the blog, I'm about to over-style this piece and I'm even thinking of doing a look-book.

Photography by Ruth Audu

Blazer: Thrift || Shoes: Zara || Jeans: Sister || Shades: Street Buy

Hope you all had a good weekend, mine was super productive and I cannot even begin to over stress the power of speaking things into existence which I experienced live over the weekend. Most of you know I take my blog pictures once a month. However, lately I have been having a difficult time at my attempts to stock up pictures. The last two attempts were fails and if you follow me on my Insta Stories you would have seen a little behind the scene glimpse. 

 Feeling frustrated and tired of wasting time, money and efforts, I tried something else. So as I got dressed I began to speak over the day, using Job 22:28 ("Decree a thing and it shall be established"). I decreed that the day would be different, the lighting would be perfect, there would be no rain and we would achieve our goal. And you best believe it worked like play and I just wondered how much more productive, I'd be if a made this a lifestyle.

 It might sound silly but the truth is whatever you believe in truly works for you, I mean remember what Jesus said in Mark 11:24 ("I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you've received it, it will be yours"). Have you tried speaking things into existence? How did it work for you?

How would you style this differently? What are some of your favourite men's inspired trends? Have you bought an interesting thrift finds, please share? Or have you gotten any dope bargains? I'd love to know!

Talk to me!
Outfit post here

"Hey baby"," fine girl", "my color" or the most annoying ones "eess" and "sss" are the kind of calls a woman often gets from men when walking on the streets. Now this issue of cat calling or harassment on the streets is one that has both bothered and weighed on my mind for a while.

The other day, I was walking somewhere with my younger brother who towers over me and this guy in one corner keep calling out "hey baby" "sexy lady" etc. Of course I didn't turn around but my outspoken self was ticking. I had to willfully stop myself from calling him out because honestly I wonder if it would even make a difference since this happens on a daily basis and I know I'm not alone.

In fact, it's cat calls like this that contribute to one if the reasons why I don't wear makeup everyday (trying to reduce the attention), always walk with earphones plugged in, look mean all the time, avoid eye contact with men as I pass (ain't no body trying to encourage anybody) and dislike going to the market at times (all those men trying to grab your hands).

Its experiences like this that inspired this post, Dear Nigerian guys. And shortly after this post I had guys defend themselves saying what's wrong with showing appreciation for something you like or complimenting a beautiful woman? Nothing really, honestly, but its all about approach too. I mean how's a woman supposed to feel being addressed like that by someone she doesn't even know. It's so disrespectful, are we meat? Or do we look like animals?

I'd be the first to admit that I admire good looking or well dressed guys but do I go on the road shouting "fine boy" to every good looking guy I see? Well no and its called respect. Its all about choosing to respect yourself and the dignity of the other person too.

To men that do this or think this is right, don't you have sisters, daughters, wives, girlfriends or female friends? How would you feel if someone did this to her in your presence?

I know most of my readers are women but to men who understand our plight, shout out to you and please share this post for other men to read.

What are your thoughts on this? As a woman have you ever been in such situations? How did or do you handle them? What can we do to put an end to women harassment especially on the streets?

Happy New Month!

Hey beautiful people!

My obsession for belts is no hidden thing. Funny enough I never noticed it until someone pointed it out (hey Grace). I honestly don't know when it started but I just love my belts. Why? Well they give that perfect finishing touch to any look. 

Now a lot of people ask where I buy my belts from. Honestly, I thrift some and purchase some, but in today's post I've got you covered on where you too can get a chic statement belt. And I'll also be talking why you need one, in case you aren't already convinced.

 Belts are great for tying two separate pieces together and making them look like one. Like in the outfit below which appears to be a jumpsuit but in actuality is a dress and pair of culottes paired together, see what I did there?

Full outfit post Here

Statement belts are also great for cinching in your waist, leaving you with that perfect snatched waist at times, depending on the belt that is. And a cinched waist is key in adding balance to an outfit.

Full outfit post Here

 Statement belts as I mentioned above also give your outfits that perfect finishing touch, you know that wow factor. They can easily transform an outfit from basic to glamorous. Don't believe me? Well try it out on a basic jeans and T-shirt pairing and see what I mean.

Outfit post here 

1. Asos Here  || 2. Asos Here ||  3. Jumia Here || 4. Shein Here  || 5. Jumia Here || Shein Here 

Do you believe in the power of a statement belt? Why? How do you take your outfits from basic to wow? What other closet items do you think are essentials? What style items are you obsessed with?